Dyslexia Awareness Month

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and even though we are all suffering from Pandemic burn out it is still critical we raise awareness for those who have Dyslexia. I would like to start out of with what Dyslexia IS NOT and dispel some myths and false information that unfortunately a lot still believe and speak […]

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Life Outside

Some of my most treasured memories growing up are from the time I spent at my grandparents farm in Northampton, MA. There was no cell phones, social media, filters, text messages, internet, email, YouTube, Netflix, or Apps, and looking back I am so grateful there wasn’t. I cherished the time I spent milking cows, feeding […]

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The New Normal

Tonight my son’s school had a live Q&A session with parents to go over the re-opening plans, precautions and what “The New Normal” would look like. I will tell you that I made the decision long ago that my son would not take part in in-person schooling until mask breaks were no longer a thing. […]

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Clintons Creative Corner

Welcome back to Clintons Creative Corner! Today we will be talking about Clintons creation known as Scrap Collector! It constantly amazes me what this little makes with pipe cleaners, his mind is always working, creating, mixing, matching, building and inventing. Clintons way to express himself has always been through being creative and I truly hope […]

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Standardized Tests Suck

Standard is defined as an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations. synonyms: guideline · norm · yardstick · benchmark · gauge · measure. I have never met a “standard” child because there is no standard child, and yet in public education we always hear about benchmarks, standards, scores, […]

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Clintons Creative Corner

Back again for another installment of Clintons Creative Corner featuring Grinder! Grinder is a Decepticon that can transform into a big jet and he can also turn into a very big truck. Grinder weighs in at 97 tons and is an astonishing 84 feet tall! Grinder can also turn his metal heels into wheels that […]

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Clintons Creative Corner

I truly believe it is important to children of every ability explore their creative side. Creativity can be and is such an important outlet for so many of us, but sadly some of the first services to get cut from schools are usually the arts which carry tremendous value to our students. Here is what […]

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I remember when Clinton was about 15 months old and his speech came to a halt and the milestones stopped. Autism was of course the main diagnosis mentioned but Dysgraphia or Developmental-Coordination Disorder as it is called by some was also mentioned. I had no idea what any of this meant and to be honest […]

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The last three months have taken a lot out of us as people. First it was a pandemic which brought much of the world to its knees, which I don’t think is a bad thing because I believe we all need do some praying and reflecting. If that wasn’t enough there was the tragic and […]

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Dyslexia Resource Links

I was recently downloading some activities for son off of the Teachers Pay Teachers website and I came across a great FREE download entitles Dyslexia Resource Link, and I thought it would be great to share those resources. The list of resources is six pages long so I went thru and weeded out the links […]

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