Clintons Creative Corner

“The only freedom you truly have is in your mind, so use it.”
― M.T. Dismuke

Welcome back to Clintons Creative Corner! Today we will be talking about Clintons creation known as Scrap Collector! It constantly amazes me what this little makes with pipe cleaners, his mind is always working, creating, mixing, matching, building and inventing. Clintons way to express himself has always been through being creative and I truly hope it always stays that way. If he is having a bad day or is feeling frustrated he pulls out his notepad and immediately begins drawing and creating this fantastic story about what he has just drawn. It is by no means a simple story either, from one picture he creates almost another world with so much detail and I do not even know if he knows how truly talented and creative he is. Please see below my interview with the artist himself about his creation, Scrap Collector.

Mom: “Introduce us to your creation, what is his name?”

Clinton: “His name is Scrap Collector”

Mom: “Please tell us about some of Scrap Collectors features.”

Clinton: “He has a grappling hook hand and fire blasting hand. He is extremely flexible and has a spine that allows him to turn 360 degrees. He can turn into a tow truck and also transform into a helicopter based on the mission he is given. Scrap Collector is made out of metals only found on Cybertron”

Mom: “Since Scrap Collector is from Cybertron and he is a transformer how does he hide on Earth to blend in?”

Clinton: “He hides in scrap yards as a tow truck to protect himself from Decepticons.”

Mom: “Please tell me how tall Scrap Collector is.”

Clinton: “He is 49 feet and 10 inches tall.”

Mom: “Does Scrap Collector have a catch phrase?”

Clinton: “Prepare to get scrapped!”

Mom: “Thank you for your time!”

Clinton: “You are so welcome”

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

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