“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”. – Martin Luther King Jr.

The last three months have taken a lot out of us as people. First it was a pandemic which brought much of the world to its knees, which I don’t think is a bad thing because I believe we all need do some praying and reflecting. If that wasn’t enough there was the tragic and senseless murder of George Floyd by a police officer who should have been fired long ago which has increased tensions ten fold. In these moments of sadness, despair and uncertainty I have seem remarkable acts of beauty, kindness and compassion, but I have also seen fear bubbling to the surface in the form of anger, violence, looting, burning, a complete breakdown of communication pretty much among everyone and social media has become even more ugly.

I am not hear to preach to anyone, but I strongly believe and know in my heart we can be better then how we are being. We need to practice tolerance, we need to listen more, we need to have those difficult conversations with each other and ourselves, we need to love more, we need to learn about each other more, we need to realize we are all on the same team and we need to do that because we have a younger generation watching us. Right now, I do not believe anyone is listening to anyone therefore there is no conversation, understanding, healing or resolution. I see so many people hurting, I see and feel so many people feeling unheard and unseen and that’s not ok. I genuinely believe we can do better, I believe in us but violence, ugliness and anger will not help us – we need love, and yes many will say its not that simple and I will say it is.

I am no way denying racism exists, but I do not believe that everyone who may not understand Black Lives Matters is a racist. We very rarely try to look at any situation through the eyes of another and therefore we add our own spin, perspective and judgements on things through our own jaded lens and then nothing gets solved. Though hurt is a part of life I do not like to see anyone hurting and I like even less to see someone hurting and feel unheard. I do not see the color of someone’s skin when I am talking to them, and though the color of their skin has undoubtedly brought about hardships I may never understand – I do not want that to be a barrier in knowing a person.

I by no means have all the answers, but I know change, true change has to start inwards before it can go outwards.

Some things worth reading.

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